tend to be an unobserved security risk.

Kiosk hardened stations usually stands open for customers and by walkers, making them pretty vulnerable.


Our product is designed to address two issues with these stations

Topology Risks

Real-Time Detection and Prevention

Yosker is an agent application that monitors and protect kiosk stations.
It is designed as a dedicated IDS\IPS for kiosk stations


Taking into account that these stations are more penetrable
we want to minimize potential harm

checks and scans for systems and services accessible to the Kiosk Station

The risk rises for each service accessible

As security consultants and professional hackers,
we witnessed many cases the security personnel would swear their kiosk endpoints weren’t connected to the internet.
The managers were sure it wasn’t connected to the internal organization network.
Sadly, many times the actual reality proved them wrong.


Moreover, attackers stick small portable access-points and cellular modems in such stations to maintain access from remote geographical locations.

It’s not a one time kiosk penetration test.

It’s not a one time OS hardening.

Here comes the
real benefit of

Yosker is a consistent defense for your kiosk stations.
For any topology change on any of your kiosk stations you’ll be notified.

Actions and Techniques

Real-Time Detection


After Yosker minimized potential harm to its best, we still want to defend the actual station.
Though stations are hardened both on application and operation system level, Yosker can still spot and detect actions and techniques that tend to bypass those defenses.

Yosker consistently monitors the residing operation system for susceptible actions

In oppose to regular anti-virus solutions, Yosker will spot specific actions that are anomal only on kiosk stations

Then, depends on customer requests and configuration Yosker can both notify and alert such behavior or even block further engagement from current user.